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Our Installations

Discover our spectacular light installations.

Universal Loom at the Ogden Centre for Fundamental Physics

Universal Loom will be a textile-like animated projection inspired by string theory, interpreting the woven nature of space and time.
The Ogden Centre illuminated with green and pink artwork

Sacral at St Mary’s College

Sacral will be an ethereal sculpture, a ghostly surreal reconstruction of a cathedral transept, tracing the outline of Durham Cathedral.
A white illumination of a cathedral crypt

Liquid Geometry at Palace Green

Liquid Geometry will create an immersive series of three-dimensional projections, visitors can walk amongst and underneath the mind-bending shapes.
Durham cathedral illuminated in black and white geometrical shapes
An illumination of coloured light art on a castle facade.

Lumiere 2023 Programme

This year's Lumiere programme features over 40 installations and will be the biggest yet in Durham, extending beyond the city to Bishop Auckland, as part of a regular biennial spotlight on the wider Durham County. Free for everyone to attend.

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Things To Do during Lumiere

Durham University is home to internationally important collections from across history and around the globe. We welcome visitors to our museums and galleries and garden. Located in two clusters, at the heart of the UNESCO World Heritage Site and to the south of the city, our venues are open year-round and are open to all.

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