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The Durham Infancy & Sleep Centre (formerly the Parent-Infant Sleep Lab) is a research centre of the Department of Anthropology. It is the home for a group of researchers examining various aspects of infant and child sleep and parenting behaviour since 1995. Our work with more than 5,000 parents and babies during the last 20+ years has substantially increased parents’ understanding of babies’ sleep, how best to care for babies during the night, and how best to keep them safe when asleep.
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Queen's Anniversary Prize

Durham University was awarded the Queen's Anniversary Prize in 2018 for our research and outreach on parent-infant sleep.

Receiving award at Buckingham Palace

ESRC Outstanding Impact Award

We received an ESRC Celebrating Impact award in 2013 for Outstanding Impact in Society

University student
To receive recognition for this work via the Queen’s Anniversary Prize is tremendously rewarding, and we are most grateful to all the organisations and individuals who have shared our work and translated it into policy and practice.

Professor Helen Ball
Director of the Durham Infancy and Sleep Centre

People and collaboration

Our team has had four post-doctoral researchers, 18 research assistants, 12 PhD students, seven Masters of Research students, 19 MSc/MA students, 16 interns, and over 60 undergraduates.

Outside of our core research team, we still work with previous members of the core team (associates), and collaborators (academics and clinicians at other institutions around the world). We also work with a large number of research users via outreach, and engagement. As a consequence, our work is implemented into practice in many settings. The team has published over 130 academic papers and popular articles with 49 collaborators.
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