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Case Studies


Two useful overviews that explain how we use the perspective of evolutionary anthropology to ask questions about the sleep of infants and the night-time care behaviour of parents can be found in the following two publications. One is a commentary on the past 20 years of research arising from the Durham Infancy & Sleep Centre, and the other is a review of a talk of the above material. 


Influencing How We Think About Infant Sleep and Night-time Care 

These examples illustrate how our research is used to support an agenda for change regarding infant care, advice to parents, hospital policy and healthcare practice. 


UK-wide Infant Sleep Recommendations 

The links below illustrate how organisations are using / have used our research to support professional recommendations and guidance to parents in UK on issues regarding infant sleep. 


UK and International Policy, Practice and Public Impact 

The research of Durham Infancy and Sleep Centre, and our Baby Sleep Information Source (BASIS) website, are cited widely in policy, support 'official' guidance and recommendations to parents, and are shared informally by support groups, parenting charities, and parent-to-parent discussion around the world.