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Professor Helen Ball featured in BBC futures article

Professor Ball has been featured in the BBC futures article 'The Science of Healthy Baby Sleep' alongside other infant sleep researchers, many of which are DISC external collaborators.
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DISC 22nd Anniversary Conference

DISC hosted our 22nd Anniversary conference at the end of March this year, celebrating more than 20 years since the research centre was opened and the work and impact that has been generated since.
DISC conference

Professor Ball featured in Researchers in Conversation Podcast

Professor Ball has been interviewed for the Researchers in Conversations podcast, discussing her career and current work.
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Professor Helen Ball interviewed on Wisconsin Public Radio, The Morning Show

Professor Helen Ball was interviewed alongside Professor Rebecca Spencer, a neuroscientist at the University of Massachussetts-Amherst about the science behind infant sleep.
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Professor Helen Ball interviewed in episode of "Untamed: Rewild the Child"

In this podcast episode, "Helen Ball: Bedsharing Research", Helen discusses the the attitudes and practices regarding infant sleep, infant sleep development, and the mismatch between cultural attitudes towards sleep, and biological sleep needs.
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Professor Helen Ball features in Evolutionary Parenting Podcast

Professor Ball discusses safe infant sleep practices and the evidence around these recommendations alongside Tracey Cassells, PhD.
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Professor Helen Ball gave a talk for the Wolfson Research Institute for Health and Wellbeing.

Professor Helen Ball gave a talk for the Wolfson Institute of Health and Wellbeing, discussing the work undertaken at the Durham Infancy and Sleep Centre (DISC).
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Professor Ball gives talk at Notre Dame University

Professor Helen Ball gave a talk at the University of Notre Dame in Indiana, USA about evolutionary perspectives on early infant care, breastfeeding and sleep.
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"What's new in infant sleep?" A discussion with Helen Ball at the 2022 ESRC Festival of Social Science.

Helen Ball led a discussion at the ESRC Festival of Social Science on the most recent changes to sleep safety guidance, new approaches to tackling SIDS and SUDI, and some of the challenges people face when it comes to infant sleep safety.
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Eyes on the Baby Report Launch

On the 9th June 2023, we launched the Eyes on the Baby Report, the outcomes of the Eyes on the Baby project that aimed to implement a multi-agency workforce approach to SUDI prevention in County Durham.
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Safer Sleep Week: SIDS, SUDI, and Applied Anthropology

Three of our PhD Students have been blogging about what we do at DISC, and their own work too.
Hilton Cottage Infancy and Sleep Centre

Article published by The Cut discusses co-sleeping

"Are we all secretly co-sleeping?": article discusses opinions on co-sleeping, and the work of academics researching parent-infant sleep behaviour.
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