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Completed Projects

Democracy Beyond Borders

This project began as a conference in Rome at LUISS Guido Carli in June 2015, which was supported by the Institute, LUISS, and the European Research Council (EU Framework Programme 2007 to 2013: ERC Grant Agreement No. 312 304).

The developed findings were published as a Special Issue of Global Policy Journal.

Constructing Authority in International Law

This project was a two-year research project, funded by the United Kingdom Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC), which ran until January 2018.

The project aims to develop a conceptual framework through which the concept of legal authority can be understood on the international plane. It went on to explore and study the strategies used by various international actors and how they construct their claim to authority within the international legal system.

Find out more about Constructing Authority in International Law.


“Towards a New Federal Theory for the 21st Century”

Find information on this ERC project on the Project Neo-Federalism Website.

Precarity, Mobility and the City

This collaboration between the Global Policy Institute and the Durham Global Security Institute resulted in a special issue of Global Policy Journal which contributes to interdisciplinary literature on mobility and precarity in the context of urban studies. Drawing on empirically rich and theoretically grounded case studies, the articles explore ways in which global governmental processes affect mobility and, similarly, how seemingly local movements impact upon global processes. They also address questions of temporality and rhythms of movement as they occur in precarious spaces where lives are directed, controlled, shifted and governed in both structured and contingent ways. The authors take a particular interest in urban spaces to explore how movement plays out, not only within, but also around, towards and away from cities. Three themes run through the case studies in this issue; the regulation of mobility, the representation of space, and relocations of people.