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Current Christopher Moyes Memorial Foundation Postgraduate Research students

The IHRR supports postgraduate students travel from all over the world to study in Durham. Through generous donors, such as the Christopher Moyes Memorial Foundation, the Institute serves as a gateway for postgraduate research in hazard, risk and resilience, especially in less developed countries, such as Bangladesh, Pakistan and Nepal. Through the MSc/MA Programmes in Risk, the IHRR is training the next generation of researchers in hazard and risk.

Nahid Rezwana

Nahid Rezwana, PhD student

Nahid's research focused on the gender-specific health impacts of cyclones and the factors shaping accessibility to healthcare in disasters. The research also investigated current disaster plans and policies for pre-and post-disaster healthcare provision, and to what extent they account for gender. The study was situated in Barguna, Bangladesh, highly vulnerable to cyclones due to its remote coastal location, poor socio-economic conditions and transport, and insufficient healthcare provision. Nahid Rezwana graduated in 2016.


Ritwika BasuRitwika Basu, PhD student

Ritwika started her PhD in 2019 (funded by the Christopher Moyes Memorial Foundation). Her PhD title is "Climate resilience with or without migrants in cities of the Global South". It will interrogate the inclusion potential of governance of climate risk and resilience in Indian cities. The work primarily draws on the evolving theories of social resilience, climate justice and environmental and climate mobility.


Chandika ShesthaChandika Shestha, PhD student

Chandika started her PhD in early 2016 (funded by the Christopher Moyes Memorial Foundation). Chandika’s research is focused on geography of Post-disaster mental health and wellbeing of women, using the Nepal 2015 Gorkha Earthquake. Chandika worked in the public health sector and research to promote the health of the wider population. She is interested in population health and wellbeing, gender, disaster, risk, resilience and sustainable development.


Naznin NasirNaznin Nasir, PhD student

Naznin started her PhD in 2018 (funded by the Christopher Moyes Memorial Foundation). Her PhD focuses on the intersection of post-colonial geography, climate change, and development. Prior to coming to Durham, she was coordinating the migration programme of the International Centre for Climate Change and Development (ICCCAD) in Dhaka, Bangladesh.