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About the CIPB

The CIPB brings together scholars sharing an interest in advancing understanding of political phenomena through systematic empirical research. Our members study the origins and consequences of institutions on political outcomes, and investigate drivers of individual choices by elites and citizens. Our research employs a wide variety of methodologies, ranging from survey data techniques to experimental and quasi-experimental designs, drawing on a vast scope of geographic expertise.

For more details about our contribution to the 2022 Research Excellence Framework, please see our Research page.

Our Research
Over £877,000 obtained from 2 UKRI grants, and 71% of BA/Leverhulme Small Research Grants secured (2020-2021)
56% of journals CIPB research has featured in are ranked in the top quartile, and 21% are ranked in the second quartile (2020-2021)
15/182: the mean SSCI ranking of CIPB members' highest ranked article (2020-2021)
53 articles & 2 book chapters contributed by the CIPB (2020-2021)