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A student sat on a football putch with a ball infront

Why do autistic pupils engages less with PE at school? We are doing new research in to the barriers that autistic young people can face when trying to access PE at school. We need autistic teenagers and their parents or carers to tell us what’s good and bad about PE in UK schools for this important new study.

Fill in our questionnaire here and you could help us understand how PE lessons could be changed for the better.

We would like young people aged 11 to 17 and their parents or carers to complete a simple online questionnaire. To take part, your child must have an autism diagnosis and have attended a UK mainstream school, special school, or a special unit within a mainstream school, for at least two years. The questionnaire asks about experiences of PE, anxiety and sensory difficulties and the types of physical activity they enjoy.

By taking part you will help fill an important gap in our knowledge to understand what could make PE lessons more enjoyable and inclusive for autistic students.

Questionnaires completed by the end of July 2022 can enter a prize draw for a £20 gift voucher. The conclusions of the research will be available by the end of the year.

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Our questionnaire is available here

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