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Equality, Diversity, Inclusion, and Decolonisation

The centre is committed to continuing to engage with historically marginalised perspectives, alternative framings of research problems, and innovative methodologies, along with voices critical of more dominant framings, problems, and methodologies.


Over time we will seek to maintain diversity in the management of the political theory leadership team in terms of: approach to political theory, gender, ethnicity, nationality, class, sexuality and any other relevant nexus of discrimination. Enhancing leadership diversity will be one of our criteria in selecting leadership for the group. We will explicitly seek to avoid the centre director, deputy director and political theory education lead all falling into the same more privileged social group. In selecting our leadership team we will also examine the current composition of research committee and seek to diversify it where this is feasible. We will also seek, where this is feasible, to diversify the makeup of SGIA leadership more generally with our selections. To help enable this the current director will present a short (500 word maximum) report on the current makeup of research committee, school management and political theory leadership more generally at the selection meeting.