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Past Events

14th September - Kei Hiruta University of Tokyo ‘Hannah Arendt and the Politics of Deception’.

18th September 2023 12.00-13.30 – Dr Jessica Begon - Book Launch – ‘Disability through the Lens of Justice’ Oxford University Press 2023.

11th October - Mirjam Mueller Humboldt University, Berlin    

25th October - Joe Saunders Durham University (Philosophy)  

November 8th 3.30-5pm Professor Humeira Iqtidar (Kings College London) Henry Tudor Address – ‘Justice Beyond Rights: Refugees, Migrants and The Idea of Haqq'.

Monday  December 11th  - Luke O'Sullivan National University Singapore ‘The Last Maoist: An Examination of Alain Badiou's Case for Fidelity to Communism'.