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Seminar Series 

The centre hosts a guest-speaker series Wednesday afternoons in IM201 from 3.30 - 5pm
Light refreshments are provided in the McEwan Lounge from 3pm. This year’s schedule can be found below:

14th September 2023 – Kei Hiruta University of Tokyo ‘Hannah Arendt and the Politics of Deception’.

11th October 2023 – Mirjam Mueller Humboldt University, Berlin    

25th October 2023 – Joe Saunders Durham University (Philosophy)  

11th  December 2023 – Luke O'Sullivan National University Singapore ‘The Last Maoist: An Examination of Alain Badiou's Case for Fidelity to Communism'. On zoom.

January 17th 2024 – Yao Lin (Shanghai) – ‘Transnational Solidarity and Antiauthoritarian Resilience’ – on zoom.

31st Jan  2024 – Kerri Woods University of Leeds   ‘LGBTQ+ Human Rights.’

28th Feb 2024 – Colin Tyler University of Hull ‘When Protesting is a Duty, Not a Right.’

24th April 2024 – Katherine  Pudifoot Durham University (Philosophy) The injustice of Neglected Affect’.

May 8th 2024 – Will Sweet (St Frances, Xavier)  -  ‘Was J.C. Smuts a political philosopher?’

May 15th 2024 – Kei Hurita (Tokyo) ‘ Hannah Arendt and the Politics of Deception’ on zoom.

June 12th 2024 – Nicholas Vrousalis (Erasmus University, Rotterdam) title TBS.


If you would like to give a talk in the academic year 2023-2024 please get in touch with the centre director on  We particularly welcome talks that challenge and expand the discipline by questioning underlying assumptions, utilising innovative methodologies or addressing under-explored problems.