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27 February - 14 March 2014 - The Grey Lady Galatea - An Installation by Ben Jeans Houghton and Diva Dompe

Installation in the Norman Chapel with accompanying soundtrack (a guided meditation inspired by the carvings on the capitals in the chapel written and narrated by Diva Dompé). During the exhibition the artist curated a series of sound pieces in response to the chapels within the castle and these compositions were performed in the Norman Chapel and Tunstall Chapel on March 12th 2014. Performances by:

  • Sam Booth and Tom Hopkin 'Dun Holm' (contact microphones, distortion pedals, electric guitar, dictaphones, chisel, stone, mixer, amplifier)
  • Pentecostal Party (Dawn Bothwell) 'Untitled' (looper pedal, microphone, contact mic, iron weight, keyboard, mixer, hammer, delay pedal)
  • Tim Shaw (specially designed software, teenage engineering OP-1, monome, stone, mixer, cables, laptop, microscope)
  • Peter J Evans 'When an unstoppable force meets an immovable object #1' (self-built Sequentix p3 sequencer, zoom and digitech effects, OP-1, OpLab, 606 (x2), Allen and Heath mixer, Emu esi32 sampler, xoxbox, chapel organ). In collabotation with University College organ scholar, Will Ford.
  • Ant Macari 'Totemic Addition: Stone Tape/Singing Bowl' (tape-loops, cassette players, percussion, singing bowls, coca-cola, frankincense)