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CVAC Centre Officers

Professor Christina RiggsCVAC Co-Director
Dr Tom Stammers CVAC Co-Director
Professor Ludmilla JordanovaCVAC Emeritus Director 
Professor Stefano CracoliciCVAC Associate Director
Professor Jonathan LongCVAC Associate Director
Professor Janet StewartCVAC Associate Director
Andrew Moss CVAC Senior Research Administrator  

CVAC Steering Group Members

Dr Sare Aricanli Department of History
Mrs Alix Collingwood-SwinburnCurator of Western Art
Professor Stefano CracoliciSchool of Modern Languages and Cultures
Professor Mike CrangDepartment of Geography
Dr Hazel DonkinSchool of Education, Art History
Dr Cathie Draycott Department of Archaeology
Dr Paolo FortisDepartment of Anthropolgy
Professor Claudia HopkinsDirector of Zurbarán Centre for Spanish and Latin American Art
Dr Leo ImpettDepartment of Computer Science
Professor Ludmilla JordanovaDepartment of History
Dr Bob Kentridge  Department of Psychology 
Professor Jonathan LongSchool of Modern Languages and Cultures
Professor Christina RiggsDepartment of History
Dr Zoe RothSchool of Modern Languages and Cultures
Dr William SchaeferSchool of Modern Languages and Cultures/Director, BA in Visual Arts and Film
Dr Tom Stammers Department of History 
Professor Janet StewartSchool of Modern Languages and Cultures

Director of MA in Visual Arts and Cultures 

Dr Zoe RothSchool of Modern Languages and Cultures

Durham Leverhulme Doctoral Training Programme in Visual Culture Principal Investigator 

Professor Ludmilla Jordanova CVAC Admin 

CVAC Postgraduates and Early Career Researchers 

Christoph Doppelhofer Leverhulme Doctoral Scholar
Dr Lara Ehrenfried Leverhulme Doctoral Scholar
Kimberley Foy Leverhulme Doctoral Scholar
Louise Garner Leverhulme Doctoral Scholar
Tristan Lake Leverhulme Doctoral Scholar 
Dr Vanessa Longden Leverhulme Doctoral Scholar
Dr Felicity McDowall 

Leverhulme Doctoral Scholar

Postdoctoral Research Associate in the Department of Geography

Dr Marcus Meer  

Leverhulme Doctoral Scholar

Postdoctoral Researcher at the German Historical Institute, London

Dr Lisa-Elen Meyering Leverhulme Doctoral Scholar
Antonia Miejluk  Leverhulme Doctoral Scholar 
Seren Nolan Leverhulme Doctoral Scholar
Petr Nuska Leverhulme Doctoral Scholar
Iris Ordean Leverhulme Doctoral Scholar 
Joshua Podmore Leverhulme Doctoral Scholar
Lenka Sediva  Leverhulme Doctoral Scholar
Laura Sillars Leverhulme Doctoral Scholar 
Dr Nelli Stavropoulou Leverhulme Doctoral Scholar