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Early Career Researchers

At the Wolfson Research Institute for Health and Wellbeing (WRIHW) we include a focus on the importance of nurturing its early career researcher (ECR) community. Our ECR community mirrors the interdisciplinary commitment of the WRIHW, with PhD students in anthropology illuminating a brighter side to ayahuasca tourism in South America, peers in bioscience ironing out some truths about dementia, and a wide variety in-between. Improving health and wellbeing is not restricted to a particular academic discipline, and neither are we. 

The main goals of the ECR committee are:

  • To increase the sense of community between ECRs within the WRIHW
  • To increase the visibility of ECRs within the WRIHW, and to wider audiences
  • To offer ECRs within the WRIHW opportunities to develop their research, CV and understanding of what a career in research can look like

If you are interested in joining our ECR committee please contact Suzi Boyd. 

If you are interested in becoming a Postgraduate Associate of the Institute please register here. 




An image of a post it ideas board

The ECR Committee 

Name Role/Department
Jonathan Wistow ECR Director, Sociology Department 
Leanne Trick ECR Co-ordinator, Psychology Department
Andrea Lambell Anthropology
Charmele Ayadurai Business School
Mohi Ziyachi Sociology
Thuy-vy Nguyen Psychology
Kate Cowen


Dafni Lima


Nic Kendall



Our Postgraduate Associates

PGA Name Department
Thomas Goodbourn Department of Sport and Exercise Sciences
Sophie Phillips Department of Sport and Exercise Sciences
Kendra Quinn Archaeology
Heidi Shaw Archaeology
Emily Tupper Anthropology
Harriet Broadfoot Education
Nicola Kendall Biosciences
Lucy Johnson Anthropology
Laura McGuire Anthropology
Guofang Yuan Anthropology
Liu Miaoqing Business School
Rachel Kurtz Education
Evelyn Antony Education
Norah Alanazi
Seounghoon Oh
Department of Sociology and Social Policy


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