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Student Employee Of The Year Awards (SEOTY)

The Student Employee of the Year awards aim to recognise and promote the outstanding contributions and achievements of students who combine part-time work with their study commitments. We also recognise excellent employers in our Student Employer of the Year category. Along with the prestige of being nominated for an award, there is also the possibility you will win awards and the potential to win a £100 voucher. Nominations for the SEOTY Awards 2023 are now closed.
Look out for nominations opening next year!
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Here's the lowdown...

There are several categories that make up the Durham University Student Employee of the Year awards.

These are divided into On Campus and Off Campus and Employer.

On Campus- nominations are for any student working within their university or college.You can also nominate a team of employees all doing the same job.

Off Campus- nominations are for any student working part time in the local area. You can also nominate a team of employees all doing the same job.

Employer- nominations are for any employer who is deemed to be an exceptional employer for students to work for. This can be a department within the University or an organisation employing students in the local area.


The Categories

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Quite literally what it says on the tin! We are looking for exceptional students who consistently go above & beyond for the organisation they work for. This is our most popular category so it’s important to make your nominations stand out. Give examples of how you/the student have impacted an organisation in a positive way. Tell us about the key employability skills the student has shown! Nominations vary but there is no doubt that these amazing students went above and beyond in their part-time jobs.


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This award aims to identify and recognise the leaders of tomorrow, today. We are looking for nominations where part-time student employees have stepped up and demonstrated leadership skills, taking responsibility for projects or departments. Perhaps they have been promoted, supervise other staff or provide training. We want to hear about students using their initiative and displaying accountability and creative thinking when it comes to leadership!


Banner reading 'Self-employed/Freelance'

In the last few years we have seen a huge increase in the amount of students with entrepreneurial spirit! If you are freelancing we want to hear from you! Have you set up a new business? Have you been creative? What have you learnt from being self-employed?


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We want to hear about students who have made a positive impact to an organisation through their internship. Tell us about what you/they have achieved, how you/they have fitted in with the wider team in the organisation, and give examples of key employability skills gained during the internship!


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We want to hear about groups of part-time students who have shown excellent team working and communication skills to come together for a shared project. Give examples of how working as a well-oiled team has led to positive results!


Banner reading 'Employer of the Year'

This is an award to recognise excellent student employers who provide students with opportunities to learn and excel in the work place and who build links with education in order to support the next generation of workers.


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Top Tips for a good nomination

Whether you choose to do a written nomination or record a video here are some top tips for writing a strong nomination:

  1. Include examples of achievements from the student.
  2. Evidence the positive impact the student has made on an organisation.
  3. Be creative – make your nomination stand out.
  4. Be specific! Give strong examples.