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Our Pre-Masters at Durham University International Study Centre is a two- or three-term programme that provides the specialist academic and English language preparation you need to succeed as a postgraduate student at Durham University. Once you successfully complete this Pre-Masters programme and achieve the required grades, you can start your chosen Masters degree at the University. 

Why study a Pre-Masters?

You may choose to study the Pre-Masters programme if you want to:

  • Improve your career opportunities and salary potential
  • Change your career direction and study a different field to your undergraduate studies
  • Progress to study at a prestigious university with top researchers in your field
  • Strive for a challenging degree at a top-ranking university
  • Develop your academic skills or English language ability before starting your postgraduate degree
  • Receive specialist support from tutors experienced in teaching international students. 

Choose your pathway

You choose to study one of the subject routes below. Your choice of pathway is based on your intended undergraduate programme, as it provides the deeper level of specialist knowledge you need for degree study.

Upon successful completion, you will progress to your chosen degree at Durham University.