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Non-European Incoming Exchange

Durham University has student exchange agreements with selected universities in non-European destinations. Under these agreements we send and receive a number of students for a visiting period of normally one academic year. Most exchanges are set up at undergraduate level, though a few postgraduate opportunities exist.
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Is my university a non-European Exchange partner university?

Durham is currently linked with non-European partner universities in Argentina, Australia, Canada, Chile, China/Hong Kong, Colombia, Japan, New Zealand, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand and USA. A list can be found below. We are constantly expanding our network of partners. Students from European partners should apply through the European (Erasmus+) programme. Should your university not have an exchange agreement, you are welcome to apply through the Fee-Paying Study Abroad Programme.

Why study as an exchange student at Durham?

A year at Durham is a year like no other. Here you will not be a tourist, you get an amazing British experience and be part of something special. You will be:

  • studying in inspiring surroundings, set in an historic UNESCO university city;
  • part of our unique College system providing a strong sense of community and support - all students are members of a College;
  • able to experience opportunities to participate in a wide range of sports and other activities, both at University and college level;
  • supported by an excellent network of welfare services, including a dedicated Global Opportunities Team and a personal College Tutor.
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Did you know?

Our Colleges provide a social, domestic and pastoral focus for students and help individuals flourish through mentoring and involvement with college life, sports & societies and community engagement. Students from non-European partners are guaranteed in-College accommodation for a unique experience.

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List of all non-European exchange partners



Hong Kong








New Zealand


There are more than 250+ European agreements, many of which are specific to students from individual departments. For this reason, please visit the European Exchanges page for further details. 

Latin America

North America