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Working in the UK

Working during your study can be a good way of earning extra income and gaining valuable experience. Make sure that any work you do doesn’t affect your study and the Durham recommends that you limit part-time work to 12 hours per week.   

Part-time work on a student visa 

If you have a student visa, you’ll normally be entitled to work during your study up to a maximum of 20 hours per week during term time and full-time during holiday periods* and after your course has officially ended. 

*Undergraduate students only. University holidays do not apply to postgraduate students.  

Work placements 

A Student visa also allows you to undertake a work placement that requires you to work over 20 hours per week if you’re registered on a course that includes a placement year. The placement must be an assessed part of your course and not longer than half the course in total.  

An internship can only be undertaken as a work placement that is part of your course (as described above), or during vacations*, or after your course has ended. It’s not possible to start an internship or placement of more than 20 hours per week before the vacation period has started or your course end date. 

Working on other types of visa/immigration permission 

If you don’t have a student visa, most other types of visa/immigration permission (except as a visitor) will allow you to work while you’re in the UK without a restriction on hours, although you should make sure that any work you do, doesn’t affect your study. Further details of working in the UK are available to current students, contact us for further information.


Durham University makes every effort to ensure that the information published on this page is accurate. However, the University cannot guarantee the information may not be altered owing to circumstances beyond the University’s reasonable control. Such circumstances include (but are not limited to) change in Government policy, or change of law. Any changes will be incorporated into the University’s website as early as possible.