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Funding Your Studies 

Funding options often vary depending on whether you are a home or an overseas student.   

SLC Masters Loan 

If you live in England you may be eligible for a UK Government Masters Loan to help cover your tuition fee and living costs.   

If you live in one of the other nations of the UK then you can find out more information from: 

More information regarding the SLC Master Loan 

Credit Union Loan 

If you are a UK, full-time, self-financing student then you could apply for a postgraduate tuition fee loan of up to £7000 through our collaboration with NEFirst Credit Union Ltd.   

More information regarding Credit Union Loans 

PGCE students 

If you’re applying for a PGCE, information on bursaries and scholarships is available from Get Into Teaching. 

Overseas students 

There are a number of different funding sources that you can apply for to help with the cost of course fees and living expenses.  The funding available often depends on your personal circumstances and the course you want to study. 

Your local British Council office can be a good starting point, and you can search for scholarships that might be available to you. 

Other funding sources include: 

You should start searching and applying for funding up to 18 months before you plan to start your course as deadlines are often early in the admissions cycle.  

  • Find out more about Funding for International Students 

Durham Alumni 

If you hold a degree from Durham University then you may be eligible for a Durham Alumni Fee Scholarship.