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Hild Bede/Rushford Court Frequently Asked Questions

What work is taking place?

Work began on 7 August, which will see the restored Victorian hospital being upgraded to provide student and staff facilities including College staff offices, welfare and study spaces. Building work will also deliver a new College Heart building which will house common rooms, study areas and a café bar in addition to the facilities already on offer at the 358 room property. 

Students will remain in residence while the redevelopment works are carried out. 

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How will it look?

The new two-storey Heart building will be built adjacent to the current buildings and external alterations – including reinstating the historic entrance and new landscaping – will be carried out in 2024. Additional landscaping and usable spaces will also be added to the heart building’s roof.   

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How will the building be used?

Rushford Court will, in the first instance, be the temporary home of the College of St Hild and St Bede during refurbishments of the college’s current Leazes Road site. Longer term, it is hoped that the site will be established as the University’s 18th college. 

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What does the move mean for Returner accommodation at Rushford Court?

The exact breakdown of Undergraduate, Postgraduate and Returner accommodation at Rushford Court is still to be determined, pending confirmation of student numbers for the upcoming academic year. This is being managed by the College and the Accommodation and Allocations Office who will be in touch in due course with anyone who expressed an interest in returner accommodation in College.

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Is there going to be a shop on site at Rushford Court?

This is not currently planned, however how the College operates at Rushford Court and the facilities that will be available will be determined following the move. The College Principal already has several ideas on different ideas for the site and is open to feedback, so feel free to contact Simon to discuss this.

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Where will my sports team practice/society meet?

How the various sports and societies function whilst at Rushford Court is currently being worked on by colleagues within College and the University. It is known that many will have to operate externally and the requirements and options for this will be discussed with each group.

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What is happening with the current Hild Bede site?

Plans are still being developed for the redevelopment of the historic riverside College site. These will be shared with the College and University community in due course once an agreement has been reached, which is hoped to be within the next 6 to 8 months.

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Which buildings at Rushford Court are new?

The new College ‘Heart’ building is brand new - works for this are ongoing and it is due to be completed in early October 2024. The remaining works are all taking place on existing buildings, amending the historic Harding Building to house the College offices and welfare and study spaces, as well as the current Reception building to become the College gym.

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Are any buildings going to be available at the Riverside site?

No there will be no College presence remaining on the Riverside site, the College will operate solely from Rushford Court and external venues for the period of its relocation.

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How long will Hild Bede be at Rushford Court?

It is planned for the College to be located at Rushford Court for the length of time it takes to redevelop the existing site. This is currently estimated to be 3 to 5 years.

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Is there going to be another College using Rushford Court as well?

No, Hild Bede will be the only College located at Rushford Court. For the redeveloped site, this is not currently confirmed and will be communicated in due course.

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Where is Rushford Court?

Rushford Court is located at the top of North Road, under the Viaduct, close to the Train Station. 

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How many bedrooms are there at Rushford Court?

358 bedrooms, with 77 studios and 281 en-suites.

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