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Graduate Attributes

At Durham you’ll receive a challenging, enabling and research-led education, alongside a transformative wider student experience.

You will develop skills and abilities that go beyond what you learn on your degree course. You will also explore how your approaches can benefit society, enabling you to build on your unique strengths to thrive in a rapidly changing world. Our Graduate Attributes are meaningful and relevant to our diverse and global University community.
Two women in walking through Durham city centre

Our graduates...  

  • Are open minded, embrace diversity and listen to differing viewpoints.    
  • Act ethically and with integrity.  
  • Lead, follow and collaborate well, respecting and empowering others.   
  • Are intellectually rigorous and courageous.    
  • Are curious and creative.    
  • Learn and grow from their experiences.    
  • Are resourceful and have the ability to apply their knowledge and skills in a rapidly changing world. 

We developed our graduate attributes in consultation with current students, alumni and staff. They are woven into university life, including our wider student experience, academic programmes, college activities and Careers and Employability Centre. The Attributes will shape your academic and personal growth, as well as support you to explore how higher education can be of benefit to society.  

Each attribute is underpinned by an array of specialist and transferable skills. When you join us, you are encouraged to track your growth of these Attributes by using a range of self-reflection techniques. 

University student
I fully believe that inspiring people to do outstanding things here at Durham enables Durham people to do outstanding things in the world.

Professor Karen O’Brien
Vice-Chancellor and Warden