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Lockdown is loosening. The changes are slow and cautious, but they are changes for the better and, if all goes well, they can mark the beginning of a return to real freedom. From Monday, it will be legal to eat inside a restaurant or drink in a pub or bar. Limited indoor social gatherings will be possible, including in college. Getting here has taken a lot longer than any of us expected, and it is important that we understand and follow the rules.

I shared the university's latest guidance on Wednesday. Please make yourselves familiar with it.  Personal freedom comes with personal responsibility. We must each know our duties as well as our rights.  In case it helps, you can find government guidance below.

How the rules will change on 17 May. Some of the rules on what you can and cannot do will change on 17 May. However, many restrictions remain in place.

I am looking forward to the new freedom. I hope you are too. Summer Ball tickets are on sale and detailed planning is underway for the Service of Thanksgiving that will launch our College Day.  Meanwhile, College sport has restarted. Last weekend, I enjoyed enormously watching South College Boat club take to the water for the first time. Many thanks to our experienced rowers,  Charlotte, Sriram, Tom and Richard for helping the novices make a truly fine start. Our Netball D Team also played very well. This weekend I hope to watch South teams play hockey, football, rugby, and tennis. However,  if you are playing for a South team and you don't see me on the touchline for your game, please note that I am a Chelsea supporter and there is an FA Cup Final to watch. Forgive me. 

Finally, a note about consideration for others. Many Southies still have exams to sit. When you are enjoying your new freedom, please remember that fellow Southies and students throughout Durham are revising and completing crucial assessments. Please also consider our neighbours. I have received complaints about cars parked on pavements in the residential areas of Mount Oswald. If any of these belong to Southies. please move them. Our neighbours have children in push chairs. Blocking pavement access to their homes is inconsiderate.