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A close up picture of a pool table

It was the week in which Donald Trump crawled resentfully towards understanding that he really will not be President of the United States after 20th January 2021. In the UK, Chancellor Rishi Sunak made plain the colossal borrowing required to fund furlough and give our economy a chance of recovery. Meanwhile an excellent Durham University team came from behind to stun Edinburgh University and take a very well-deserved place in the last sixteen of University Challenge.

This victory sparked an interesting series of conversations in the JCR. Why are Durham Colleges not allowed to enter teams for University Challenge as our rivals at the other two collegiate universities do? I am certain that South could supply an excellent team - and Oswald would be delighted to fly down to Birmingham to support any South competitors in the studio at Pebble Mill. Our mascot does not claim immense general knowledge, but he is very good at distracting the opposition and pecking hard when required to do so. 

Lateral Flow testing continued and led to an important discovery: pool and Nintendo Switch are popular, and I am no good at either. In the inaugural Principal v Vice Principal pool match in the Bar, I thought I had scraped a hard won and little deserved victory when I potted the black with a long shot into the bottom right pocket. Imagine my dismay when my cue ball followed it down the bottom left pocket and handed victory to the excellent Mr Worden. Ah well, justice was served. 

Thanks to all who attended for testing. One of the additional benefits of this process - apart from the obvious - are the wonderful conversations I have enjoyed with so many of you in the bar or JCR. The array of intelligence, talent and humour I have experienced in South is truly inspiring. What a pity that we can't all meet and talk more often. Soon, I hope. I know we all do!