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A picture of a tree blowing in the wind on a green hill

Among the intriguing but not adorable characters I have tried to understand while writing and researching my book is Henry 'Chips' Channon. Channon was born in the USA but moved to the UK where he became a Conservative MP in 1935. As interested in social life as he was in politics, he never wielded real power, but he was a dedicated supporter of Neville Chamberlain and his efforts to appease Hitler.

For Southies who would like to know more about him, I recommend very highly Henry "Chips" Channon, The Diaries: 1938-1943 edited by Simon Heffer (Hutchinson, £35). Among Channon's eccentricities was that he recorded much of his misbehaviour in his own words. Such diaries are a treasure trove for historians. If several Southies are interested, I shall buy a copy for the College Library.
Events on the world stage are bringing daily comparisons with the era through which Chamberlain led Britain and Channon supported him. This is no place for an extended investigation of whether such comparisons are accurate. I will simply say that I hope the outcomes are much less damaging and destructive.
In the past week South has been alive with sporting success and planning for future events. It is tremendous to see such prowess creativity and ambition. Good luck to all preparing for crucial fixtures and a plea to team captains: please let me know when you are playing. If I can get to Maiden Castle to support South sides in action, I will always try. For those planning events, note that there is enormous expertise and experience available to support you. Contracts, risk assessments etc. can look alarmingly complicated when you first encounter them. The truth is that they are important and the college team can put you in touch with excellent support and advice. Just ask.
I am hoping for a little less strong wind. The Principal's house has a lovely garden and some wonderful trees. We lost one of the most impressive of them in early January. I hope to get through the rest of 2022 without losing more. Franklin felt less ferocious than Eunice. If we must have a storm beginning with G, I would like it to be Gentle.