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Cuth's New Undergraduate Students 2022/23

For all the information you will need regarding living in Cuth's accommodation this academic year please follow -you may need to open in your browser and you will need your Durham University username and password to log in. Scroll down for task list.

Welcome From The Principal

Welcome and congratulations on gaining an undergraduate place at St Cuthbert’s Society. You are joining one of the oldest and friendliest student communities in Durham.

At St Cuthbert’s Society (generally known as Cuth’s) we are proud to cater for a diverse range of students. Our welcoming and friendly atmosphere forms the foundations of our offer to you; a world class student experience, during which we will support you to achieve your maximum potential.

The student body at Cuth’s, known as the Junior Common Room (JCR) is a fantastic way for you to meet new people and form lifelong friendships. It is the hub of our college and provides a warm welcome to all our new students. As an independent charity, Cuth’s JCR is also unique, in that it is run for our students by our students. It is the heart of the Cuth’s community, and its role is to ensure you receive the best and most rewarding student experience. From the moment you arrive at Cuth’s you are part of the JCR family. As a member, you will be able to attend events, play in sports teams and join, or create societies; we currently have over 40 to choose from.

At Cuth’s, we are passionate about our local communities, and we are always exploring new and innovative ways to enrich it, with a mix of outreach, volunteering, and charity activities. Cuth’s also offers a wide variety of intellectual events that are open to all, including: interdisciplinary symposia, talks by our very own students and staff on their scholarly research, and lectures by distinguished visitors.

We take the health, wellbeing, and happiness of all our students very seriously. The College Officers, staff and welfare team will be here, always to provide the support you need, when you need it most.  As a place to live, study and socialise, Cuth’s is a beautiful mix of the old and new and has college accommodation on two different sites. The historic Bailey site by the cathedral and city centre and the Parson’s Field site on the outskirts of the Maiden Castle Wood with fabulous rural views of the river and surrounding countryside.

Lastly, Cuth’s may lay claim to be one of Durham’s oldest colleges, and we are strong on tradition, and proud of our heritage. But we are also a very modern forward-looking college, willing to do things a little differently and embrace change. We will provide the support you need to make the most of your time at Cuth’s and to enjoy Durham to the full.

We look forward to meeting you soon.

With very best wishes,

Tammi Walker

Principal of St Cuthbert's Society and Professor of Forensic Psychology


Welcome from the JCR President

Kirstin HeadshotHi, I’m Kirstin, and I’ll be your President of the Society this year. Firstly, congratulations on getting into Durham and choosing (or ending up at) St. Cuthbert’s Society! 

Back in 1888, Cuth’s was founded as a society by students seeking an alternative to collegiate life; whilst today we’re much like a college, we still retain that fiercely independent streak and our Society identity. Cuth’s has never shied away from being different and you can see that reflected in the diversity of the students here, the boldness of our identity, and our reputation in Durham. We cherish our traditions (after all, Cuth’s is Durham’s third-oldest “college”), yet we're proudly forward-thinking and committed to change. 

As President, I’m elected by Cuth’s students to work for you. I’m not employed by the University but by the JCR which is an independent charity. Day-to-day, I oversee the JCR's operations - running over 40 sports and societies, organising three balls, a music festival and lots of small events, providing welfare services, operating our gym and music room, coordinating volunteering and fundraising projects, representing your interests to senior University leadership, and much more. There are loads of ways for you to get involved as we’re run nearly entirely by student volunteers. The JCR is also totally democratic so, if you’ve got ideas for change, don’t hesitate to pursue them! 

I’ve just graduated with a degree in Maths and I’ll be living in House 8 (on the Bailey) this year. If you see me around college feel free to say hi, whether you’ve got any questions, or ideas to share, or just want a chat. 

Coming to university is really exciting but it can also be daunting, it’s a whole new beginning but can be a hard transition. Durham is a unique environment that can be hard to navigate but the Cuth’s community exists to help you through that, so don’t hesitate to reach out to a member of the JCR exec if you ever have any questions, anxieties, or concerns. 

My advice for freshers is to let go of any pretensions and preconceived ideas of Durham, throw yourself into the opportunities Cuth’s (and Durham) has to offer. Your first year doesn’t count towards your degree, so don’t miss the chance to try something new, meet new people, and have some fun. What I have found to make Durham truly great is the passion and creativity of the people you meet, once you get involved in the University community. I can’t wait to see you all around Durham - enjoy Freshers Week! 

Kirstin McCann

President of the Society 

Task List


Review items on the Induction Checklist

View the checklist and start working on tasks. Once you have access to your Durham email account you will be able to access our Sharepoint via the link:'sInductionChecklist. Here you will find more information on the College and next steps. 




Relevant link

Accept or Decline Your Place

Please ensure you accept or decline your place to study at Durham University.



Fill in Accommodation Preference Form

Please complete the Accommodation preference form.  You will receive an email with this information once you have accepted your place in Durham. If you intend to live at home or in privately rented accommodation in Durham, please let us know by email at
Deadline Monday 29th August 2022


Please check you emails

Complete Student Enrolment and Register for Modules

Follow the steps on this webpage. Note you will not be able to fill in your term time address, or some other details until the accommodation allocation process has taken place.


Enrolment and Registration

Complete College Mentor Information Form

All first-year students at Cuth's are allocated a College Mentor. Please fill in the Mentor Form.


College Mentor Form

Complete the Consent Matters course online

You will receive an automated email from the University informing you that you are required to take the course with a direct link to the course. You will need to sign in to the Oracle Learning platform using your normal login details (this will include using Multi-factor authentication). You will need to select the offering and then click on the Enrol button to access the modules and quiz. The attached link provides User Guides to the system in case there are any queries on how to use this.


User Guides

Complete Respect Training

more info to follow



Sign up to the Durham Student Pledge

We encourage all our students to be good citizens and good neighbours when they join the Durham community.  Please select the link to find out more.


Durham Student Pledge

The Junior Common Room (JCR)

Read all about the Junior Common Room, the student body of Cuth's. This includes information on how to join.


Cuth's JCR

Read the JCR Handbook

The JCR Handbook is available here.  AWAITING UPDATED INFO


Further info to follow

Join the 1st Years Facebook Group

This is run by the JCR, where you can find out what they have planned to welcome you and ask any questions you have for them.


Freshers Facebook Page