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Meet Our Student Reps.

University student
Abbie Brindle - Bring a drying rack, my jeans shrunk in first year! Uni life isn’t all about the academics, it’s okay to say yes as often as possible and make amazing memories! Durham is scenic - the Cathedral is absolutely insane and the river walks are beautiful. I am a firm believer that a nice walk can cure almost anything! My favourite thing about Cuth’s is the community we have. The best bit about my course is how passionate the lecturers are passionate about their subject.

My favourite thing about Cuth's is our community!
Abbie Brindle - History, SRO (JCR Chair Elect), FRAMDA.
University student
Abi Fisher - I wish I'd known how much freedom and independence Uni actually gives you - both living on your own and being in control of your own degree. I really like how friendly the JCR community is and the freedom to choose my modules and build my own degree that I get on my course. I’m involved in Running and Mixed Lacrosse and I am Team Cuth's social media manager. I will be next year's JCR publicity officer.

I really like how friendly the JCR community is!
Abi Fisher- History, Politics and Sociology. JCR returning officer.
University student
Alfie Payton - I wish I had known how relaxed the student experience is. Formals and Balls were a big worry for me in terms of etiquette and traditions but now I know they’re all about having fun and making memories! I like the community of Durham's collegiate system. It feels so much friendlier having your own bar, library, gym etc. I love the variety of academics I’m engaging with. The staff are incredibly globally diverse which is reflected in their teaching.

The collegiate system is so much friendlier!
Alfie Payton. Law. SCSFS 2022, Cuth’s Swim Soc.
University student
Alice Braben - I wish I had known how many hills were in Durham before I came! I like how friendly and welcoming Cuth's is, you always know someone whenever you go anywhere and there are always so many opportunities at Durham to get involved with, such as talks and things within the department. I am the Social Sec of the Psychology Society.

You always know someone whenever you go anywhere!
Alice Braben. Psychology. Social Sec of Psychology Society.
University student
Catherine Grant - English Lit. I’m also treasurer and social media in DU Irish society. I wish I had known more about the many different societies and activities the University offers and how to get involved. Everything is in walking distance, so getting to classes is super easy. I love that the jcr is student run, it makes the whole college experience a lot more comfortable and friendly and I love how my lecturers show great enthusiasm in teaching.

I love that the JCR is student run!
Catherine Grant - Assistant Librarian. Welfare Campaign Team.
University student
Dite Bagdonaite - Law. The best thing about Cuth’s is definitely the students and their drive, whether that is to start new societies or get involved in the JCR or whatever they put their mind to. It genuinely took me by surprise that I can walk everywhere in the city but also be in the countryside quickly! I'm on the exec of the Boat Club, work at the bar, I'm a voluntary librarian, play mixed lacrosse, I'm in the mooting society, law society and on the DU pole dancing team.

The best thing - Cuth's students and their drive!
Dite Bagdonaite. Students with Disabilities Rep, Incoming Dev Officer.
University student
Dylan Shepherd - Music. I'm in Cuth’s Big Band, Boatclub, Cuth’s Live, Music Appreciation Society. I wish I had known more about student budgeting and knowing what I had to set aside in order to enjoy the 'Wider Student Experience' fully. I love how accessible it is made for you to meet new people and how easy it is to make friends everywhere you go. I love my course as my subject has quite a small department, so it’s easy to get to know people who have a big common interest with you!

I love how accessible it is to meet new people!
Dylan Shepherd. JCR Music Rep.
University student
Jack Neill - History. President/founder of Cuth's Musical Appreciation Society. I wish I'd known that the reputations of Durham being elitist and my worries about not fitting in were false. It is very welcoming, especially Cuth’s! As a history student, living in one of England's best medieval cities is truly special. My department is fantastic and I've had the opportunity to be taught by some inspiring experts. Our library is the only student run library and a wonderful environment to work in.

Cuth's is a vibrant and exciting community!
Jack Neill. Local Students Rep and Library Stock Manager.
University student
James Giles - Mathematics. I'm a part of Cuth's Novice Rowing, Frisbee, Running Club, Swimming and Badminton. Sports and societies have really friendly and chilled atmospheres, meaning you can get involved as much or as little as you like at any point throughout the year. I've discovered that self-catering is actually quite good fun! Every one of my lecturers and tutors have different ways of teaching with loads of variety every week and learning doesn’t get repetitive.

Self-catering is actually quite good fun!
James Giles. JCR Finance Committee Member.
University student
Keely Brown - Modern Languages. My course includes film, gender studies and even a bit of political geography! No matter how hard you try, not everything will go exactly as planned but enjoy the ride and embrace every opportunity. I'm VP of The 93% Club Durham, part of the German Languages and Cultures Society and also Cuth's FemSoc. From Cuth's sports and socs to University wide initiatives, you can meet and make friends with people from all colleges, subjects and backgrounds.

Durham is small but there are many opportunities!
Keely Brown. JCR Student Trustee.
University student
Matilda Scott - CHSS (Politics, Geography, and Sociology) I’m on Outreach Committee and the Welfare Campaigns Team. I’m also involved in Durham University Dancesport, FemSoc, the LGBTQ+ Association and Instep. Its important to say yes and be open to new experiences but also okay to put yourself first and say no. My favourite thing about Durham is how walkable the city is - I can get anywhere in half an hour. My favourite thing about my course is how flexible it is.

I love how flexible my course is!
Matilda Scott. Outreach Committee and Welfare Campaigns Team.
University student
MK Aaroey - Music. Asst. LGBTQ+ Rep and Fluffy Socks Manager, Women’s Rugby, Big Band. I wish I knew how much of a community my college was going to be, I thought it was just the accommodation but it is where most of my friends are and where I spend most of my time. What I love about Cuth’s is that you can get involved from day one in societies and the JCR. It is an incredible community of people from every background and every experience. Durham is one of the most beautiful places I've been.

I love Cuth’s - you can get involved from day one!
MK Aaroey - Music. Asst. LGBTQ+ Rep and Fluffy Socks Manager.
University student
Sam Bache – Economics. I’m involved with Finance Committee, Football and Badminton. I’ve enjoyed how much independence I have, doing my own laundry, cooking my own food etc. I really enjoy socialising at the Cuth's Bar, it’s a great place and is always good to destress and enjoy socials. I like how wide ranging my modules are, and how many doors they open.

I really enjoy socialising at Cuth's Bar!
Sam Bache. Finance Committee.