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Students eating, view from outside

Our food is rated among the best in the University and our friendly catering team can meet a wide variety of dietary requirements. We offer hot and cold meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner, with the addition of soup and salad at lunchtime. If you have a busy day ahead, we offer ‘grab bags’ or packed meals. Postgraduates living in college accommodation enjoy full catering during undergraduate term-time and are self-catered outside of term-time. In normal times, students living out can purchase meals in College, including termly, discounted meal packages - under the global pandemic this has been paused temporarily. In addition to the meals served in Haughton dining room, we normally hold weekly formal dinners in Leech Hall during term-time (again, a little different under the pandemic). We are currently operating a little differently, and students are invited to eat in the dining areas inside and outside by household or pick up grab-and-go meals to eat elsewhere.

Meal trays