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Welcome to New Students

Thank you for choosing St John’s College

This is a College with a rich history but a place which looks to the future with excitement and imagination.

In this community, the Fairtrade movement was founded and shaped by undergraduates. Here, the first women trained for ordination in the Anglican church. Here the opportunities and challenges of communication in a digital age are taken seriously.

It is a place next to Cathedral and Castle on a World Heritage Site. Yet our students and staff are involved in the diversity of the North East of England, in sport, music, theatre and serving local communities. Some use football as a way of helping young people resist drugs. Some travel to India to teach in schools. Some lead churches in deprived areas.

Most of all we are a community of respect, fun and learning. We aspire that all staff and students aim at excellence within the academic sphere. Undergraduates, postgraduates and those training to be church leaders achieve outstanding degrees. But we are also concerned about excellence in the whole person. Our sports teams achieve far beyond expectations. The Chapel Choir and Bailey Theatre Company have outstanding reputations. And we take diverse community seriously. We are a Christian college but open to all, looking to how all people can find a safe place that will allow them to grow, learn and make deep friendships.

We have also much to learn as a College and we will change in many ways in the coming years. We are delighted that you will be a part of this process. It is and will continue to be an exciting place to be.

Revd Professor David Wilkinson
Principal of St John's College

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