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Informing Parents or External Partners

The University is aware of the current debate within the sector and in the media about student consent for their university to alert third parties (parents, carers, emergency contacts etc.) where there are concerns about their health and wellbeing. We already recognise that occasions arise when the University needs to consider whether information about students should be shared with parents or other external partners whether or not consent has been given. The circumstances where this may apply could include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Where it is believed that someone is at serious risk, from a physical or mental health perspective
  • Where there is a child protection concern
  • Where required by a court of law or the Police to provide information

We consider the legal and practical implications of going beyond situations such as those noted above, and we consult extensively with our students to determine the best approach to be adopted.

Please find the University's statement on emergency contacts and information sharing below.

Information Sharing & Emergency Contact Statement 2022.