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Enrolment and Registration Information


When you accept a place at Durham University, you will receive an email inviting you to complete enrolment where you will officially register as a member of Durham University and as a student on the BSc or MCHEM  Chemistry Degree course. During enrolment, you will update or confirm the personal information the University holds on you and accept the University's regulations. New and continuing students must complete enrolment each year.

Once you have been able to complete your on-line enrolment you will be given access to your personal email address and this will allow you to access important information from the Chemistry Department through both our virtual learning environment (Blackboard Learn Ultra) and a dedicated SharePoint site.

Both Learn Ultra and our undergraduate SharePoint site will be key resources for you during your time at Durham so do take the time to explore the current content which will continue to expand as we approach the start of term.


Registration allows you to choose your elective modules as part of your Chemistry Degree. You will select your modules after 1 September to be completed by mid September with guidance from the Chemistry Department. 

Module registration for Chemistry students 

As a BSc or MChem Chemistry student you will study the following 'core' modules:

  • Core Chemistry 1 (30 credits)
  • Practical Chemistry 1A (10 credits)
  • Mathematical and Experimental Tools required in Chemistry (METriC for short!) (20 credits)
  • Introduction to Materials Chemistry (10 credits)
  • Practical Chemistry 1B (10 credits)

This leaves you with 40 credits of what are known as ‘elective’ modules to select, in order to complete 120 credits of studying at Level 1. As most departments offer 20 credit modules, this means you will generally need to chose another two. Don’t worry about any of this at present – there will be guidance available on how to select your elective modules and where to get advice from.

You will find more information on Chemistry modules here in preparation for registration in September.

If you have queries about modules or any aspect of registration do get in touch at

We would be happy to help and we all look forward to meeting you in October!