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Administrative staff 

Name Position Email
Ms Gillian Curtis Learning and Teaching Administrator Contact Gillian Curtis
Mrs Leanne Haikney Learning and Teaching Assistant Manager

Mrs Loren Kilgour Learning and Teaching Administrator Contact Loren Kilgour
Mrs Jess Stacey Department Manager Contact Jess Stacey
Ms Olivia Taylor Receptionist Contact Olivia Taylor
Mrs Claire Williams Operations Administrator

Academic staff

Name Position Email
Prof. Jennifer Ingleheart Professor and Head of Department
Dr Erica Bexley Assistant Professor
Dr Giulia Bonasio Assistant Professor Contact Giulia Bonasio
Prof. Andrea Capra Professor
Dr Zara Chadha Teaching Fellow (Classics) Contact Zara Chadha
Dr Kate Cook Teaching Fellow (Classics) Contact Kate Cook
Prof. Serafina Cuomo Professor
Assoc.Prof. Dr. Thorsten Fögen Associate Professor (Reader)
Dr George Alexander Gazis Assistant Professor
Prof Roy Gibson Professor
Dr Nathan Gilbert Assistant Professor
Dr Nora Goldschmidt Associate Professor
Professor Peter Heslin Professor
Dr Theodore Hill Teaching Fellow (Classics)
Dr Phillip Sidney Horky Associate Professor
Dr Lucy C. M. M. Jackson Assistant Professor
Professor Ted Kaizer Professor
Prof. Polly Low Professor
Dr Stuart McKie Teaching Fellow
Dr Sarah Miles Associate Professor (Teaching) Contact Sarah Miles
Dr Edmund Richardson Associate Professor
Dr Alberto Rigolio Assistant Professor
Dr Edmund Thomas Associate Professor
Ms J T Wolfenden Assistant Professor (Teaching)
Dr Emma Woolerton Assistant Professor (Teaching)
Dr Ioannis Ziogas Associate Professor

Postdoctoral Research Fellows

Name Position Email
To be confirmed    

Emeriti and honorary appointments

Name Position Email 
Dr Myrthe Laura Bartels Honorary Fellow
Dr Oliver Dickinson Emeritus Reader  
Dr Andrea Giannotti Visiting Fellow
Prof. Edward Harris Emeritus Professor
Dr Kathryn Lomas Honorary Research Fellow Contact Kathryn Lomas
Prof. P. J. Rhodes, FBA Emeritus Professor
Prof. Christopher Rowe, OBE Emeritus Professor
Prof. Martin Ferguson Smith, OBE Emeritus Professor  
Prof. A. J. Woodman Emeritus Professor  
Dr Mark Woolmer Honorary Fellow Contact Mark Woolmer

Research postgraduates

Name Email
Miss Marta Antola Contact Marta Antola
Miss Giulia Bernardini Contact Giulia Bernardini
Miss Kathrine Bertram Contact Kathrine Bertram
Miss Priscilla Buongiorno Contact Priscilla Buongiorno
Mr Carlo Cacciatori Contact Carlo Cacciatori
Mr. Nikolaos Cheimaras Contact Nikolaos Cheimaras
Mr Thomas Couldridge Contact Thomas Couldridge
Nicholas Dell Isola Contact Nicholas Dell Isola
Mr Peter Donnelly Contact Peter Donnelly
Ms Emily Dunn
Alison Ewins Contact Alison Ewins
Miss Emily Fleming Contact Emily Fleming
Ms. Fani Goutsiou Contact Fani Goutsiou
Mr. Alistair Hall Contact Alistair Hall
Ms Nosheena Jabeen Contact Nosheena Jabeen
Miss Alexandra Kelly Contact Alexandra Kelly
Miss Lila Knight Contact Lila Knight
Miss Laura Losito Contact Laura Losito
Miss Simona Martorana Contact Simona Martorana
Mr Rory McInnes-Gibbons Contact Rory McInnes-Gibbons
Miss Esther Meijer
Cédrik Michel Contact Cédrik Michel
Sophie Ngan Contact Sophie Ngan
Miss Seren Nolan Contact Seren Nolan
Miss Nicola Reeves Contact Nicola Reeves
Mr. Valerio Ricciardi Contact Valerio Ricciardi
Miss Maddalena Ruini Contact Maddalena Ruini
Mr Cesare Sinatti Contact Cesare Sinatti
Dr Julia Tomas Contact Julia Tomas
Miss Eleni Tzoka Contact Eleni Tzoka
Mr Gary Watson Contact Gary Watson
Joe Watson Contact Joe Watson
Miss Kristine Weeks Contact Kristine Weeks