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Arlene Holmes Henderson outside 10 Downing Street

Arlene Holmes Henderson, Professor of Classics Education and Public Policy has recently been interviewed for the ‘Let’s Make This More Interesting’ podcast series, hosted by Adam Morgan.

In this episode, Arlene discusses her fierce belief in the enduring relevance of classical rhetoric to today’s world, and why its value in helping disadvantaged children find their voice in a more engaging way is fundamental to how schools need to develop oracy, alongside literacy and numeracy. And at the end, she gives a 10-minute masterclass in classical rhetoric that we can all use to make a speech more interesting.

The podcast series, Let's Make This More Interesting, aims to help people learn how to inspire and enthuse their audience, be it in their business or personal life. Adam Morgan, founder of eatbigfish, speaks to fascinating people who excel at engaging their audience – be they distracted social scrollers, bored schoolchildren or cynical CEOs – and learns from them how we can all be much more interesting.

Click here to listen to the podcast. 

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