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Our graduates leave with excellent career prospects, demonstrated by our Graduate Prospect score for 2020 being 95%.

With a variety of placement and development opportunities available during your time here, you are able to customise your experience and obtain job offers from sought after companies.
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Case studies

Soumya Singh, Technology Analyst at Deutsche Bank

2019 MEng in Computer Science

“I graduated from Durham University in 2019 with a MEng in Computer Science. The University encouraged and supported me whilst I completed a technology spring week with Citi and JP Morgan in Year 2, allowing me to test-out my technical skills with a real employer, whilst networking and making valuable contacts for the future. In Year 3, I successfully completed a Software Engineering Summer Internship with Deutsche Bank in London, which led to me being offered a full-time Technology Analyst role in July 2019. Since then, I haven’t looked back…

As a Technology Analyst at Deutsche Bank, I get to choose from a variety of tech roles for two six-month rotations, spanning across Software Engineering, Data Science, Business Analytics, Cybersecurity and UX Design. There are so many opportunities for growth and development with a career in Software Development.

Employers seek well-rounded individuals who can multitask and can contribute to a wide range of areas. My degree at Durham was designed to help develop skills for a wide range of roles, from academic research and industrial R&D to software engineering and technology. The collegiate system at Durham also exposed me to a very diverse pool of students from different academic and cultural backgrounds, encouraging a respect for diversity and taught me the importance of inclusion. This is an invaluable trait for the modern and global workspace”.


Alistair Breeze, Software Engineer at Google

2017 MEng in Computer Science

Alistair Breeze“Whilst studying for my MEng in Computer Science at Durham in 2016, I secured an interview for a Software Engineering Internship with Google. This was a really exciting opportunity for me. Looking back, my algorithms foundation at Durham really helped me through the interview process and I joined a Google Software Engineering team in July, based in Zurich. This global internship experience has really helped me to shape my future. Working alongside senior software engineers at Google provided me with valuable exposure to working life within one of the world’s biggest technology multinationals. During my 3 month internship, I also worked within the Google Calendar AI team, which provided me with first-hand experience of building software at scale.

After returning to Durham to finish my studies, I was offered a full time graduate position as a Software Engineer with Google’s Android team in London. Durham has a really good relationship with Google and I know other students have since benefitted from taking up internships and placements with them”.


Sara Chen, Data Engineer at Amazon

2018 BSc Computer Science

Sara Chen"Looking back, my internship with Adobe in San Francisco during my second year at Durham was instrumental to my professional development and shaped my employability at graduate level, as I was exposed to technology stacks and team practices that you don’t often find in an academic environment. While the Computer Science degree allowed me to gain academic knowledge that eventually became the foundations I draw upon, it was the industry experience that really encouraged me to push myself further, as work experience trains you to look at the bigger picture and solve real, large scale problems.

Completing an internship abroad also really gives you the opportunity for self-discovery, and makes you more open to ideas and suggestions that differ from your own. While abroad in San Francisco, I gained exposure to a new culture and saw how teams in different countries approached challenges in their work. I was also really fortunate to have had strong support from the Department, as well as the Durham alumni network in the Bay Area. Thanks to this experience, I was able to grow - both personally and professionally - and returned to the UK, having built a network of contacts in the Bay Area”.