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Internships and Placements

Students regularly complete internships with some of the world’s best known companies such as Google, IBM, Microsoft and BAE Systems.

We are the only department within the University to have a dedicated Internships and Industry Manager, supporting students in undertaking rewarding and career enhancing internships and work experience opportunities, both in the UK and worldwide. Support is available to students both as they apply for internships and during their time with the company.
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Internships are completed during the summer vacation and are incredibly popular with students, particularly those about to enter their final year. We support a number of employer events throughout the academic year to showcase these opportunities.

As well as internships, at undergraduate level, you also have the option of completing a Placement Year, where you spend a full academic year gaining hands on experience within industry before returning to Durham to complete your final year of studies.

Internships and placements are often found outside the UK. Gaining international work experience can be invaluable to personal and professional development and is attractive to graduate employers. In the past, students have successfully completed internships with Adobe Research in San Francisco, Dell in Shanghai and Google in Dublin.

The Internships and Industry Manager is able to provide a range of practical support to employers who look to provide exclusive internship opportunities for Computer Science students at Durham. For more information, please contact

Some students choose to stay in the department over the summer and become part of a research team, and there are a range of scholarships available to support this work. This provides you with a taste of what it is like to conduct research full time and is excellent preparation for a final year research project, and potentially a PhD.

The University's Careers and Enterprise Centre works extremely closely with us to ensure that both students and recent graduates receive up-to-date information on relevant employment and development opportunities.

Careers and Enterprise also offer a range of innovative talks to ensure students receive the most relevant and up-to-date advice about professions in the field of Computer Science.