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MSc by Research in Palaeoecosystems

The Palaeoecosystems group is currently expanding. We are recruiting individuals with an interest in pursuing an undergraduate internships or summer projects; Masters by Research; or PhDs. We are also looking to attract postdoctoral fellows whose research interests complement those of the group.

Masters by Research

We welcome applications from undergraduate students looking to undertake MSc by Research training. The list of projects in Earth Sciences is below - a full list of all MSc projects can be found here - MSc by Research All Projects

An up-to-date list of available projects is maintained here; titles include:

  • Do clades exhibit an early burst of disparity?
  • Why do Cambrian organisms lack mineralization?
  • Using δ13Corg to improve the timeline of the Cambrian explosion
  • An improved Bayesian framework for global stratigraphic correlation
  • Cambrian cyclostratigraphy
  • All the better to see you with: controls on visual acuity in Cambrian communities
  • How does morphology evolve?
  • Reliability of phylogenetic results
  • Preservation of Permian fishes from the Marl Slate of County Durham (D. Harper & S. Jones)

New Research Projects

Entry: via application form here and following successful interview. For subject specific enquiries please contact, and for general postgraduate enquiries contact:

Duration: 12 months [or 24 months part-time].

Entry requirements: 2.1 Bachelor's degree or above (or equivalent) in a relevant subject.

Assessment: research dissertation.