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A Durham University interdisciplinary research hub for raw materials and their supply pipelines for the energy transition.

A rapid transition to Net Zero has become one of the most important missions for the continuation of modern life on Earth. The major global challenge is for natural resources supply increase to be fulfilled in a manner compatible with Sustainable Development Goals.
Research Themes
Important elements for net zero transition

ENSuRe Leadership

DU Bid leaders

Prof Ken McCaffrey (Earth Sciences)

Prof Mark Allen (Earth Sciences)

Prof Gavin Bridge (Geography)

Initial Management Group

Prof Madeleine Humphreys (Earth Sciences)

Prof Chris Greenwell (Chemistry)

Dr Peter Chivers (Biosciences)

Prof Simone Abram (Anthropology and Director of Durham Energy Institute)

Dr Smith Azubuike (Law)

Dr Noura Al-Moubayed (Computer Science)

Prof Volker Roeben (Law)

Bid Advisors

Prof Jon Gluyas (Earth Sciences), Prof Petra Minnerop (Law), Dr Joanna Berry (Business School)

ENSuRe will forge Durham University world-leading capabilities in Science* and Social Science** to develop new interdisciplinary research and training programmes needed for the rapidly expanding critical resource economy.

*Earth Sciences, Biosciences, Chemistry, Computer Science **Law, Anthropology, Economic Geography, Business School

Research Themes

  • Remediation and recovery of critical and strategic resources in the environment
  • Resource access, consent and equitable sharing in sensitive environments
  • Circular economy - recycling, substitution and efficient resource use
  • The geopolitical economy of materials to underpin low carbon energy transitions


Why Durham?

  • Strong combination of academic excellence and industrial geoheritage
  • NE England a focus for energy transition technologies, e.g. gigafactories, manufacturers, Nissan, Hitachi etc
  • Leading Science and Social Science departments already working at interdisciplinary interfaces – DEI
  • Strong Metals, Minerals and North Sea energy legacy in NE England…and much current activity
  • Perfect for a place-based Natural Resources hub with a National/Global outlook

NE Endland with key mining areas

Diagram showing MIneral security