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General Contact Information

Administrative FunctionEmail address 
Head of Department
Undergraduate Teaching/Programme
Postgraduate Programme

Academic Staff

Prof Mark Allen Professor
Prof Andrew Aplin Head of Department, Chair of the Board of Studies, Professor
Prof. James Baldini Professor
Dr Richard James Brown Undergraduate Admissions Director, Associate Professor
Prof Kevin Burton Professor of Geochemistry
Dr Nicola De Paola Associate Professor
Prof Jon Gluyas Ørsted/Ikon Chair in Geoenergy, Carbon Capture & Storage
Dr Darren R. Gröcke Associate Professor (Reader)
Prof. Chris Greenwell Professor of Geochemistry
Professor David Harper Professor of Palaeontology
Professor Robert Holdsworth Professor of Structural Geology
Prof. Claire Horwell Professor of Geohealth
Dr Madeleine Humphreys Associate Professor
Dr Jennifer Jenkins Assistant Professor
Dr Stuart Jones Associate Professor, Director of Postgraduate Admissions
Dr Julia Knapp Assistant Professor
Prof. Ed Llewellin Professor of Volcanology
Prof Colin Macpherson Professor, Chair of Board of Examiners
Prof Ken McCaffrey Professor
Prof Jim McElwaine Professor of Geohazards
Dr Catriona Menzies Assistant Professor
Prof Stefan Nielsen Professor
Professor Yaoling Niu Professor
Professor Christine Peirce Professor of Marine Geophysics
Dr Julie Prytulak Associate Professor, Director of Postgraduate Studies
Dr Christopher Saville Assistant Professor (Teaching)
Prof. Dave Selby Chair
Dr Martin Smith Assistant Professor in Palaeontology
Professor Peter Talling Professor in Submarine Geohazards
Dr Andrew Valentine Assistant Professor
Prof Jeroen van Hunen Professor
Dr Fabian Wadsworth Associate Professor
Dr Richard Walters Associate Professor
Professor Fred Worrall Professor of Environmental Chemistry

Research Staff

Dr Antonio Capponi Postdoctoral Research Associate
Dr Matthieu Cartigny Independent Research Fellow
Dr Matthew Funnell Post Docotoral Research Associate
Dr Alexander Iveson
Leverhulme Trust Early Career Research Fellow
Dr Theresa Jezierski GED Research Fellow
Dr Martin Mangler Postdoctoral Research Associate
Dr Geoff Nowell Senior Research Officer
Dr Chris Ottley Senior Research Officer
Dr Stephen Pansino Royal Society Newton International Fellow
Dr Thomas Phillips Leverhulme Early Career Fellow
Dr Florian Pohl Postdoctoral Research Associate in Global Seafloor Listening Network Based on Hydrophones
Dr Matthias Sinnesael Postdoctoral Research Associate
Mr Gary Wilkinson Petroleum Geology Experimental Officer
Dr Miles Wilson Research Assistant in Impact of Shale Gas Exploitation

Technical Staff and Experimental Officers

Miss Anna Bird Experimental Officer in Marine Instrumentation
Dr Alex Gonzales-Nakazawa Experimental Officer in Seabed Instrumentation
Mr Ben Pitcairn Experimental Officer in Seabed Instrumentation

Emeritus Staff

Prof Gillian Foulger Emeritus Professor of Geophysics
Prof. Richard Hobbs Emeritus Professor
Dr Grenville Holland Emeritus
Prof. Roger Searle Emeritus Professor of Geophysics
Prof. M.E Tucker Emeritus Professor


Dr Xin Dong Senior Scientist from Chinese Academy of Geological Sciences
Dr Yang Yan Senior Engineer - Development and Research Centre, China Geological Survey in Beijing

Administrative Staff

Mrs Karen Atkinson Finance Manager Travel Reporter and Travel Approver
Miss Louise Bowron Postgraduate Coordinator
Mrs Paula Elliott Finance Administrator
Miss Holly Gardner Learning & Teaching Administrator
Mrs Jill Hoult Department Manager
Miss Kendra Johnson Senior Assistant Finance (p/t Thurs-Fri)
Mrs Janice Oakes Learning & Teaching Manager
Ms Sarah Richardson Operations Administrator
Mrs Sandra Rust Learning & Teaching Administrator
Mrs Dianne Whatcott Senior Research Administrator

Technical Staff

Mr Ian Chaplin Thin Section Technician
Mr Andrew Clegg Experimental Officer in Marine Instrumentation
Mr James Dyson Departmental Superintendent
Miss Sophie Edwards Trainee Thin Section Technician
Ms Joanne Peterkin Res. Lab. Technician
Mrs Samantha Thorpe Geoscience Apprentice Technician

Research Student

Miss Peace Aaron PhD
Miss Naeema Al Nofeli PhD Student
Miss Ceri Allgood PhD
Mr Nikolaos Apeiranthitis PhD Student
Mr Timothy Armitage PhD Student
Mr Oluwafemi Aro PhD Student
Miss Imogen Bailes MScR
Mrs Aimee Barroso PhD Student
Mr Abdulwahab Bello PhD Student
Mr. Fakhri Bintang MScR
Mr Oliver Bowers MScR
Miss Eloise Bretagne PhD Student
Mr Joshua Brown PhD Student
Mrs Erika Calderon-medina PhD
Mr Xu Cao PhD Student
Ms Natasha Chapplow PhD Student
Mr Dimitrios Charlaftis PhD Student
Miss Hoi Cheung PhD Student
Miss Raquel Chun PhD Student
Mr Sudirman Dawing PhD Student
Mr Fadul Dawood Rock Mechanics Lab Technician (also PhD student)
Mr. Alavya Dhungana PhD Student
Miss Eleanor Dunn MScR
Mr Robert (Bob) Elliott PhD Student
Mr. Hector Escamilla-garcia PhD Student
Mr Georgios-Pavlos Farangitakis PhD Student
Miss Annabelle Foster MScR
Mr Maximilian Franzel PhD Student
Mr Malte Froemchen PhD
Miss Catherine Gallagher Ph.D. Student
Miss Eshbal Geifman MScR
Miss Janina Gillies PhD
Miss Megan Green MScR
Miss Katharine Groves PhD Student
Mr Mohammad Hamidi PhD Student
Ms. Yu Harasawa PhD Student
Mr Kit Hardman PhD Student
Miss Francesca Haywood MScR
Ms Kate Heerema PhD Student
Miss Tammy Hsu PhD Student
Mr. Josh Hughes MScR
Mr. Alexander Jefferies MScR
Mr Akos Kiss PhD
Mr Karl Kraavi MScR
Mr Jack Lee PhD Student
Mr. Matthew Likely MScR
Miss Ariane Loisel PhD Student
Mr Joel Lozano PhD Student
Mr Joshua Marsh MScR
Mr. Ernest Mulaya PhD Student
Miss Nadia Narayan Ph.D. Student
Miss Chimaobi Nwachukwu Ph.D Student
Miss Veda Ong MScR
Miss Emma Ownsworth PhD Student
Miss Sophie Page PhD Student
Miss Alice Paine MScR
Mrs Laksmi Rachmawati PhD Student
Miss Rahmawati Rahayu PhD Student
Miss Rebecca Robertson PhD
Mr Lewis Robinson MScR
Mr. Sean Ruffell PhD Student
Mr. Jack Salisbury PhD
Mrs Catriona Sellick PhD Student
Ms Anza Shakeel PhD Student
Miss Eleanor Smart MScR
Mr. Gustavo Soares PhD
Mr. David Squirrell MScR
Miss Madeleine Stow PhD Student
Mr Rory Sutton MScR
Mrs Alexandra Tamas PhD Student
Ms Jennifer Taylor MScR
Mr Joseph Tedd MScR
Mr Niall Tracey PhD
Mr Christos Vasilopanagos PhD Student
Mr. Tom Verniers PhD Student
Ms Natalia Wasielka PhD Student
Miss Rebecca Winstanley MScR

Geospatial Research Ltd

Dr Susan Daniels GRL Research Fellow
Dr Richard R. Jones GRL Research Fellow
Dr Michele McErlean GRL
Mr David Oxlade GRL Research Assistant