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Student Life

Our students participate fully in the Durham experience and we help support them in getting the most out of academic journey. The Arthur Holmes Geological Society, our own student-run society, organise an annual ball, social events and guest speakers and is a great way to make friends within the department. Our students are keen make a difference to the planet and have recently set up a Geology for Global Development university society at Durham to understand how the Earth Sciences can contribute to the UN Sustainability Development Goals, and our students also regularly participate in university-wide activities organised by the Durham Energy Institute. We host an informal annual department conference to celebrate the year and present our achievements and research and we strongly encourage our students to present their dissertation work, ideas or hypotheses, whether in the form or a poster or a 3-minute lightning talks. We pride ourselves on being a supportive, open and friendly community and we look forward to welcoming into our department!

I’ve had a really good experience studying in the Earth Sciences department at Durham, the course is excellent, but I also hugely enjoyed the social aspect of being in the department. I found it really easy to make friends with people on my course because the department is relatively small and we have quite a lot of contact hours, at least compared to other courses, so you end up chatting to a lot of people.

Imogen Bailes
BSc Environmental Geoscience