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16 February 2022 - 16 February 2022

1:00PM - 2:00PM

Online seminar using Zoom

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Part of the School of Education Research Seminar Series.

Experience of Health Professionals with Misinformation and Its Impact on Their Job Practice  

  • Dr Dhouha Kbaier- Senior Lecturer in Computing & Communications - The Open University 

  • Dr. Nahswa Ismail- Lecturer - School of Education- Durham University 

  • Dr. Anne Marie Kane- The Open University  

This will be a virtual seminar using Zoom. Contact for details about how to take part.

During outbreaks of diseases a great amount of health threatening misinfomation is produced and released.

Much of this misinformation is disseminated via social media, where information spreads easily and quickly. In our pilot study, we focus on misinformation surrounding the COVID-19 outbreak to understand how it has impacted health practitioners’ perceptions of misinformation. In particular, our qualitative investigation considers how health professionals (HPs) perceive misinformation, is it persisting for a long time and constantly recurring or sudden and severe?. We showcase how HPs respond when experiencing that a patient has been misinformed including the aspects of change in health processionals' practice in response to misinfomation.