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Taught Courses

Our Masters programmes offer a number of different pathways, giving you the option of a range of career opportunities.

You will join a supportive, exciting and stimulating learning community. You will have the opportunity to learn from academic staff who are leading research and teaching experts in their field.

With our full time and part time options, our programmes appeal to students from a wide range of backgrounds.  We welcome applications from a diversity of students from the UK and around the world, from leaders and practitioners in education seeking substantive professional development and career opportunities, to those progressing on from undergraduate study, as well as many other backgrounds.

We offer the following Masters programmes at Durham School of Education:

MA Education (X9K907)

The MA in Education provides outstanding opportunities to study a wide range of educational issues. It will provide you with a clear understanding of the nature and significance of policy and practice in education, relevant to researchers as well as professionals in schools, colleges and universities.

MA Education (Research Methods) (X1K107)

The MA in Research Methods (Education) provides broad learning in research design methodologies. The course is designed for students interested in theoretical and empirical understanding of research in social science and as well as those who plan to pursue doctoral level studies in the field of Education. The course is recognised by the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) as providing suitable training for this purpose, and the course is one of the named routes on the MA in Research Methods. It is a Social Sciences faculty degree that involves other departments within the University.

MA Intercultural Communication and Education (X3K807)

The MA Intercultural Communication and Education course develops critical understanding of education and intercultural communication in the context of global movements of people and the internationalisation of education. The course provides students, educators, and policymakers with resources for reflecting on and responding to the growing need for intercultural education and communication in an increasingly intercultural/international world. This course is available for part-time and full-time students through the academic year.

 MA Educational Leadership and Change (X9KK07)

The MA in Educational Leadership and Change is intended for educational professionals who aspire to positions of leadership and change in education. The programme is designed to provide a broad-based view of educational leadership and change through the explicit and focused study of specific concepts and issues (e.g. change leadership, leadership of the curriculum, leadership of professional development, system or network leadership, etc.). It explores and critiques the theory, research and practice and encourage students to reflect on and challenge their own practice. The programme also actively caters to matters relating to a range of education sectors and provider types.


MA Graduate – Teaching and research 

Sheikh Ali Hussain is an MA graduate from the Department of Education, here he talks about his experience as an International student and the quality of teaching and research.

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