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23 June 2021 - 23 June 2021

1:00PM - 2:00PM

Online seminar using Zoom

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Part of the School of Education Research Seminar Series.

Principles of practice in a pluricultural context: Research perspectives from the RIPE network of international educators

Prof Abdeljalil Akkari (University of Geneva); Dr Kevin House (Dulwich College Singapore); Dr Ahmed Hussain (Harrow Schools Hong Kong); Prof Catherine Montgomery (Durham university); Dr Karen Taylor (Ecolint Geneva)

This will be a virtual seminar using Zoom. Contact for details about how to take part.

This seminar focuses on ways of characterising principles of practice through dialogic education in a plurilingual and pluricultural context, particularly in the context of international schools. The seminar will open with a presentation of the work of the RIPE network (Research in Practice in Education) and addresses key topics in the contemporary discourse on international education such as the complexity of understanding the social construction of knowledge in the context of global power dynamics.

Particular focus will be placed on two articles from the Research Journal: International Education Theory and Practice by Catherine Montgomery,“Knowledge, curriculum and dialogue in a pluricultural context: surfacing marginalised voices in internationalised schools and universities” and Abdeljalil Akkari, “Global Citizenship Education: re-envisioning multicultural education in a time of globalisation”. 

Together these articles explore the ways in which Western knowledge systems are prone to dominate elite schooling and inhibit the opportunity for alternative voices to be heard.



Abdeljalil Akkari is Professeur ordinaire en dimensions internationales de l’éducation, Faculté de Psychologie et de Sciences de l’éducation (FPSE), Université de Genève, Co-responsable de l'unité PEG-EI (Politique, Économie, Gestion et Éducation Internationale)

Ahmed Hussain is Director of Quality Assurance and Pedagogy at Harrow International AISL and Associate Professor in Practice in the School of Education,  University of Durham

Kevin House is Director of Education (SE21) for Dulwich College International and Associate Professor in Practice in the School of Education,  University of Durham

Catherine Montgomery is Professor in the School of Education and Deputy Executive Dean (Global) for the Faculty of Social Sciences and Health at the University of Durham

Karen Taylor is Director of Education and the Institute of Learning and Teaching at the International School of Geneva and Associate Professor in Practice in the School of Education, University of Durham