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24 November 2021 - 24 November 2021

1:00PM - 2:00PM

Online seminar using Zoom

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Part of the School of Education Research Seminar Series.

Online Learning and adolescents’ health & wellbeing amid Covid-19 Lockdown: A pilot project in China

Dr Tinghe Jin, Durham University and Dr Yujun Xu, University of East Anglia

In response to the Covid-19 pandemic, schools worldwide switched to online education as early as February 2020 to contain the spread of the disease. While schools in China have gradually reopened since April 2020, some cities had to close schools again due to a resurgence of cases. Periodic school closing has become an important containment strategy until effective treatment and/or vaccination for Covid-19 becomes available. In this seminar, we will introduce an ongoing study which is funded by British Academy’s Humanities and Social Sciences Tackling Global Challenges Programme.

This study aims to 1) identify and investigate critical issues around health and well-being of adolescents confronted with abrupt changes in teaching delivery and learning environment, and 2) develop an After Action Review for lessons learned and mitigation strategies. Employing the ‘Facilitated Look Backs’, a quality improvement method validated in previous epidemics, this study involves schools and stakeholders in Beijing and Wuhan to generate evidence to inform a wider rollout across China and for future epidemic responses.

In this seminar we will present the analysis and primary findings of the two-stage collaborative scoping reviews of existing studies that explore the students' online learning and wellbeing in China and worldwide amid the pandemic by using the Rayyan platform. We will introduce a model that is constructed based on the results of scoping reviews. The model will be used to explore the moderating roles of social support, resilience, and lifestyle coping strategies over and above Covid-related stress, predicting student wellbeing and ill-being during the move to online learning as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Dr Yujun (June) Xu 

Dr Yujun (June) Xu is working with Dr Tinghe Jin as a postdoctoral research associate on the research project funded by the British Academy’s Humanities and Social Sciences Tackling Global Challenges Programme. The project focuses on the health and well-being of adolescents learning online during COVID-19 pandemic in China. She has lately completed her doctorate from the University of Edinburgh. She is a tall ship sailing lover and has experienced fortnight voyages across the Baltic Sea, the North Sea and the British Inland Sea since 2013. Her PhD thesis investigates intercultural learning through the outdoor experiential medium of sail-training, and the empirical study was conducted on a 100-year-old Swedish tall ship during a voyage across the North Sea. Her research has recently appeared in the Journal of Language and Intercultural Communication.