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Framwellgate Moor Primary School Visit

In a bid to inspire young minds with the wonders of science and engineering, the Engineering Department Outreach Team visited Framwellgate Moore Primary School. Gary Parker, Stefan Szyniszewski, Ciara Keating, and Roy Simorangkir were the engineering ambassadors who engaged with three classes at the year 5 and 6 levels.

Stefan Szyniszewski delivered a session covering various facets of engineering. Gary Parker led an experimental session, where the students delved into the intricacies of energy efficiency using a mini wind tunnel. The young engineers tested different designs of small wind turbines, playing with the number of blades (12, 6, and 3) and exploring various twist angles. The interactive experimentation left the students wide-eyed and inspired by the renewable energy opportunities.

The visit also featured a series of hands-on activities led by Stefan, Ciara, and Roy. The students were challenged to build spatial trusses using rolled paper tubes, screws, and nuts. Armed with office punch holes, the children connected the tubes to create intricate structures. The atmosphere buzzed with creativity. Adding a touch of modern technology, an interactive session with a thermal camera was conducted, allowing the children to explore the invisible world of heat. The ping pong ball aerodynamics activity added an element of playfulness to the day, making science tangible and enjoyable.

As the day concluded, each student proudly carried home their handcrafted space truss, tangible evidence of a day filled with excitement and learning.

Above all, the visit achieved its primary goal of inspiring the next generation of scientists and engineers. The children left the school with ignited imaginations and a newfound interest in science and engineering. The academic visit from the Engineering Department not only brought knowledge but also sowed the seeds of aspiration at Framwellgate Moore Primary School.

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