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Advanced Materials and Electronic Devices

We offer expertise in PV Test Installation, Building Integration, Sustainable Materials, Lifecycle Analysis, Socioeconomic Modelling, Grid Connect, Materials Research, Small Scale Demonstrators, Novel Building Materials, Internet of Everything Nodes for Smart Infrastructure, Energy Harvesting, Internet of Things Sensing, Sensor Development and Optoelectronics

We aim to 

  • exploit new energy materials, formulations and devices to address the challenge of climate change.
  • develop interdisciplinary approaches which connect physical and chemical properties on the nano-scale with the change they can cause in real-world energy systems
  • develop nanostructured materials and integrate them to produce new device concepts and functionalities for sensing applications.
  • break new grounds for sustainable development of smart devices

Areas of interest:

  • Experimental and Simulation approaches to understand the behaviour of charges, ions and photons in energy devices 
  • Linking measured performance at the device- or lab-scale with engineering and energy systems
  • Advanced materials and sensors fabrication.
  • Micro and nanofabrication.
  • Charge transport, characterisation methods & metrology.
  • Integration of nanomaterials: Multifunction and new device concepts.
  • Wearable sensors based on nanophotonic metamaterials.
  • Novel functional materials for flexible & wearable sensors, sustainable sensors/electronic devices.
  • Organic piezoelectric biomaterials for sensing and energy harvesting.
  • Functional microscopy, surface characterisation.
  • AI driven materials design and discovery.

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