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Bioengineering Node

While we might be a relatively small node, we deliver world leading research and are recruiting talented colleagues with diverse backgrounds to join the team. 

We aim to 

  • Provide fundamental understanding to the operation of living tissue/organs/physiological systems
  • Develop engineering techniques to be used as diagnostics tools

Areas of interest:

  • Arterial mechanics and physiological fluid mechanics
  • Flow structure interaction in cardiovascular systems
  • Mechanical Heart Assist Devices (blood pumps)
  • Finite Element modelling
  • Biomedical imaging and signal processing
  • Statistical machine learning in biology and biotechnology (vaccine manufacturing)
  • Data Sciences in medical applications
  • Artificial Intelligence in bioengineering applications
  • Biological tissue characterisation 

Node leader:

Academic Core members:


Our Research Projects

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Node News and Events

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