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Communications and THz Node

Our radio propagation research covers HF for sky wave propagation for long range communication and UHF to the millimeter wave band for 5G mobile communications. Now, we are looking beyond 5G. We offer expertise in IoT, Wide area sensing, Ground / Soil Contaminants, Smart grids, Rectenna and Energy Harvesting, Fundamental Research, 6G Communications, Autonomous Vehicles, Back Scatter Comms.

We aim to 

  • work at the forefront of radio communications for spectrum assignment  for International standards
  • develop new  materials for diverse applications in engineering and beyond

Areas of interest:

  • Radio transmission for wireless communication systems, Spectrum sensing for sharing studies, Radar for applications including Ground Penetrating Radar, through wall imaging, and breast cancer
  • THz material (nanocomposites) and technology for communications and medical applications, Backscatter communications and Internet of Things, Antenna design, Efficient modulation schemes
  • Digital twins for energy systems, Light-weight Machine Learning for Internet of Things, Cyber-physical system

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