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Sateesh Lele – Kings College 1961-64

I joined Kings College, Durham University from Mumbai, India in 1960 to study Mechanical Engineering. I was fortunate to have an excellent professor and staff who took personal interest in ensuring my successful transition and graduation with an Honors degree in 1964. Because of their kindness, I have donated each year to the Scholarship fund as an Alumni and have actively hosted Alumni events in Northern California(San Jose, San Francisco).

I went on to earn a Masters at Imperial College, London University and then I was promoted to run global operations from my company's US Headquarters in Dayton, Ohio where I earned my Masters in Business Admin while working full time. Later I joined INTEL at their US HQ in San Jose and then went to Stanford University on an Executive MBA course. Shortly thereafter, I was hired as Chief Information Officer of General Motors in Detroit where I retired in 2000. After retirement, I re-engaged in Real Estate as a Broker and also as a Mortgage Broker and Investor.

I believe King's College, Durham University enabled me to transition smoothly from Engineer, to IT Specialist, to CIO, to Board member to CEO to Real Estate Broker over my 40 year career. Thank you Durham University!


(November 2021)