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Department News

New publication by Dr Markian Prokopovych

New publication by Dr Markian Prokopovych
Publication Book Cover Museum Age in Austria-Hungary

Ralph Waggett MA Studentship in History

The Department of History is pleased to announce the Ralph Waggett MA Studentship as an addition to the Faculty of Arts and Humanities’ postgraduate bursaries and scholarships for 2021-22.
Three female students walking in corridor in University College

New blog post by Joe Mulhern (Honorary Fellow)

New blog post written by Joe Mulhern (Honorary Fellow, Durham University History Department)
Pieter Godfred Bertichen’s depiction of Chácara Russel, another British-owned estate in Rio de Janeiro (public domain)

New short article for Leverhulme Trust

Giles Gasper and Nader El-Bizri's research programme will transcend traditional boundaries of scholarship in the humanities by deepening the interconnections with the exact sciences and the arts, while considering their intercultural adaptive transmissions through the history of ideas
Engraving from the title page of Opticae Thesaurus, a latin edition of Ibn al-Haytham's Book of Optics. Among other things it shows how Archimedes allegedly set Roman ships on fire with parabolic mirrors during the Siege of Syracuse.

New Publication

New Publication by Professor Philip Williamson and Dr Natalie Mears.
A close up shot of an open historic text

Durham Historians in Past and Present

Two articles by Durham historians have just been published in Past and Present.
Black and white exterior of the Department of History

New article by Dr Kevin Waite

News article for Slate written by Dr Kevin Waite following the Capitol riots.
Inside of National Statuary Hall of the US Capitol Building