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Post-Doctoral Fellowships

Our Department has a successful record of sponsoring and hosting outstanding candidates for prestigious post-doctoral fellowship competitions. There are a variety of funding routes for the schemes, and we welcome eligible applicants of the highest calibre from all backgrounds, genders, or ethnicities. The Department is sometimes restricted in the number of candidates it may submit to a particular scheme, and in all cases, we must assess whether we can offer candidates an appropriate fit for their research interests and career needs.

Initially, you will want to contact an academic member of staff with cognate research interests to discuss the possibility of applying. We expect to work with applicants in revising a draft application. For this reason, we ask you to be honest if you are exploring an application to the same scheme with another sponsor; we hope that our time invested in your application is balanced with the likelihood you will apply through us. In many cases, we will work with you on draft applications in advance of funders announcing a current round of  schemes; we suggest you base a draft on the most recent published guidance and adjust in light of the eventual call for funding.

If you would like to express interest in applying for one or more of the Fellowships please contact, Dr Helen Foxhall Forbes, the department’s Deputy Director of Research (Grants).



Leverhulme ECF Competition 2022

The History Department welcomes enquiries for the 2022 Leverhulme Early Career Fellowship competition. Scheme details and internal deadlines will be posted here later in the year when the competition opens. Please contact Helen Foxhall Forbes to express an interest in applying.