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Diversity Initiatives

The History Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Committee promotes best practice across the Department. The membership includes representatives from all sections of the Department. Important initiatives driven by the EDI Committee include: widening participation, encouraging public debate (e.g. Black History Month, International Women’s Day, LGBTQ events) and public history (developing links with the local community).   

As historians, we are committed to challenging the persistence of racism and xenophobia, wherever they occur. In that spirit, we wish to express our solidarity with the victims of ongoing violence against Black people and people of colour, and take a stand against racist abuse on social media. We need to recognise that there have been instances of racism and xenophobia at Durham. We acknowledge the long history of xenophobia, racial violence and white supremacy that needs to be researched, understood and taught more widely in order to be challenged effectively; we recognise too that this is not a distant problem, nor something in the past, but is a pressing challenge today, for us. We would like to take this moment to renew our commitment to changing our workplace, learning environment and academic discipline for the better. We all have much work to do.

The Athena SWAN Bronze Award recognises our commitment to advancing women's careers in academia, progressing our students into academia and improving our work environment for all staff.

Read more about the Athena SWAN Bronze Award (opens in new tab).


University Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Resources

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